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Dies Irae

Krautrock de prima. Imperdível!! Você gosta de Sabbath e Led Zep? Então baixe logo!

Andreas Cornelius (bateria)

Robert J. Schiff (baixo)

Harald H.G. Thoma (guitarras, vocal)

Cord Wahlmann (vocal, harmônica)

First - 1971


Blue And Gray - 1981

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Ax Genrich

Ax Genrich foi o guitarista do Guru Guru de 1970 a 1973.
'Psychedelic Guitar' was cut a year before 'Wave Cut' and is more diverse."Blow Up" is mind-blowing with some good rhythm intact and "The Bording Hymm" is a modern day cosmic gem.Both "Got Love" and "South" feature some decent vocals and sizzling harmonica.This is like PURE ear candy for those who want and deserve it."Helicopters" displays Ax's full ability to jam and includes lyrics about flying in Vietnam."Marsyas" showcases some African musical influences.I happen to notice that Ax is often pictured while holding a banjo.What's going on with that?A psychedelic banjo?Talk about some ground breaking music.I've become aware of Ax and bands like Guru Guru about ten years ago now,when I virtually discovered 'krautrock' by accident.I'm even MORE mesmerized when I find out that TODAY,many of the prime/key players or even bands of '70's kraut are not only still around,but still active to some degree and STILL able to record a fantastic full-hearted piece of work.Such as the case,'Psychedelic Guitar'.Long live kraut! Completamente recomendado.
Psychedelic Guitar - 1994

Faixa 06 - Source Of Lght & Sound -


Krautrock de prima

Alpha - 1971


Czar é uma banda inglesa formada no fim dos anos 60 e que infelizmente deixou apenas esse disco maravilhoso gravado, o som da banda é caracterizado por guitarras pesadas, forte utilização de orgão e Mellotron com bastante influência de música clássica fazendo deste disco itém indispensável pra quem curte proto-prog de altíssima qualidade, é dificil escolher uma única faixa do disco já que todas são canções bélissimas com andamentos espetaculares. Esse é mais um daqueles discos que foram disputados a tapa por colecionadores durante anos até ser finalmente relançado tanto em vinil quanto em cd. Mais uma pérola perdida do anos 70. Não percam tempo e corram pra baixar esse disco que é um material de primeira qualidade, eu recomendo. Sound Chaser

É o tipo de disco que quando se escuta a primeira vez se tem a impressão que já se conhece há muito tempo, tamanha a nostalgia e grandiosidade das músicas. E o vocal lembra muito o do Brian Eno

Paul Kendrick - vocals, bass
Mick Ware - guitar
Bob Hodges - Hammond organ
Derrick Gough - drums

Jacob Fred Jazz Odissey

Welcome Home - 1999

Popol Vuh

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Galactic Explorers

Viagem total. Um verdadeiro tesouro perdido no tempo. Raridade!!

The Galactic Explorers were a group of three German synthesizer players, and to my knowledge this is their only album. It recalls the colder side of early Tangerine Dream for the most part, but manages to get a few melodic licks in between the lines and features a masterful command of alien atmosphere.

There are three tracks here, with the side long and aptly titled "Lunarscape" coming first. We start with one of those awesome analog sequences before falling into a swirling abyss of synthesized sound. The feel of the track is very similar to Ohr Records-era Tangerine Dream, although I'd venture to say that this stuff is a touch more accessible as the Explorers give a little more attention to melody than TD did on a disc like Zeit. "Ethereal Jazz" perhaps gets it's title due to some light free jazz style percussion. More notable, however, is the bubbling wall of synths that we find ourselves enraptured by while listening. "Venus Rising" is the shortest track, although still coming in at a robust eight minutes. Any sense of melody is thrown out the window as the group works with a series of atmospheric drones. It could practically fit seamlessly on the aforementioned Tangerine Dream albums.

For those seeking out the colder, electronic driven side of the krautrock explosion, you'll find that Epitaph For Venus is a lost treasure. For 1972 it is quite innovative and simply is the kind of music that no one really makes anymore, even though the influences are apparent in many modern styles. As a little side note, I find that the mastering (or lack of) makes the album sound a touch murky. Since this is a pretty minimalistic affair, I'd recommend tossing the tracks into a program like Sound Forge if you can and tweeking the levels a little bit.


Epitaph For Venus - 1972


Indian Summer - 1977



Solo Düde Dürst - 1971


Getting Up For The Morning - 1972

Dies Irae

Banda progressiva alemã. Raridade

Playing locally in and around clubs in southern Germany, Switzerland and France since 1968 Dies Irae, consisting of Rainer Wahlman, lead vocals/harmonica, Harald Thoma, guitars/vocals, Joachim Shiff, bass and Andreas Cornelius on drums were finally discovered by the now long defunct Hamburg record label PILZ in early 1971. They were were a progressive psychedelic/blues freak band with a darker side from Saarbrucken, Germany who released just one LP and one single as well as appearing on the PILZ sampler, Heavy Christmas, in 1971 before splitting up in 1972 as a result of musical differences to form two offshoot bands, Lucy Gang and Green Wave.

Not to be confused by several metal bands which have used the name Dies Irae which literally translates to Day Of Wrath which is the title of a Latin hymn which refers to the day of judgement before the throne of God where the saved are delivered from evil and the unsaved are cast into the eternal flames, the original Dies Irae has been often compared to Black Sabbath's early sound on their LP " the First" for PILZ because of a guitar/harmonica heavy blues sound with lyrical references to the occult although the vocals were far more trippier and out there. Extended psychedelic electronic collages and free form jams were also included on the sole album.

Despite recording just one single album the band created some waves in the summer of 1971 when most German radio stations refused to play anything off their album because of controversial LSD induced lyrics with sacreligious conotations. A wacked out, off the deep end video, filmed in 8mm was, however, aired on German TV and was enough to gain them limited underground status to this day. An attempt was made in the early 90s to reform the original band again and several live tracks appeared on a live CD, " Saarock Live ", recorded at a local club in Saarbrucken called Le Garage which also featured several other bands.

First - 1971



Encontrei no Venenos do Rock, ma discografia completa da excelente banda suiça de heavy blues e hard Krokodil. Fiz os meus próprios links e vou disponibilizar para os amigos do masterpiece:

First - 1969


Progressivo inglês bem raro. Dizem por aí que na epoca do lançamento deste disco, apenas 140 cópias foram prensadas. O disco é imperdível!!

- John Atkinson / vocals, guitar, mandolin, flute, glockenspiel
- Paul Kent / bass
- Pete Nickson / drums, percussion
- Charlie Speed / lead guitar, backing vocals
- Eddie Stringer / keyboards, backing vocals
- Mike Levon / saxophone, air guitar

Legend Of The Kingfisher - 1973

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Cowboys & Englishmen -1982

Earl klugh

Der Berg Groovt

Nem pense em perder essa raridade.

Bergwanderung - 2007

Sitting Bull

Krautrock meio hard bom pra caramba. Já conhecia esse disco do velho e bom vinil.
Piet Schimkat (vocal)
Benrd Zamulo (baixo, piano)
Rolf Brockhorst (guitarras)
Achim Brierley (bateria).

Trip Away - 1971

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