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Didier Lockwood


Alain Caron, Didier Lockwood, Billy Cobham e Sylvain Luc, em Murcia na Espanha, na 9ª Edição do Jazz San Javier. O show foi realizado em 7 de julho de 2006

Faixa 07 -

Didier Lockwood

Quando assisti ao show do Didier Lockwood, em 1982, na Concha Acustica da reitoria da UFC, em Fortaleza, fiquei pirado pelo som do cara que me lembrou muito o Jean-Luc Ponty.

Hoje procuro por aí os arquivos dos discos dele e são bem dificeis!

Michel Cusson - guitar
Alain Caron - bass
Paul Brochu - drums
Jean St. Jacques - keyboards
Didier Lockwood - violin


Absolutely Life - 1986

Alice Cooper - 21

Classicks - 1995


Earth - 1973

Steeleye Span

Sails Of Silver - 1980

sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2008

Jan Akkerman & Joachin Kuhn

Sem comentários. Excelente. Show!!

Stuttgart Live - 1997 - By Sabado Som

Tai Phong

O ultimo dos Tai Phong.


Last Flight - 1979

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Alice Cooper - 20

The Last Temptation - 1994

Chaka Khan - 8

Absolutamente sensacional!!!

Chaka Khan em outra perfomance jazzistica de tirar o folego. Dessa vez acompanhada da Orquestra Sinfônica de Londres.

Nice, Chaka!!!!!!!!!!!!

ClassiKhan, Chaka's latest outing of standards is really like a breath of fresh air. Interestingly enough, the title is rather misleading for diehard Chaka fans would be expecting smooth, funky, grooves, that she is known far and wide for. But her jazz afinity/expertise has always been relegated to the back burner for obviously commercial and unforgivably negative reasons.

Chaka is one of the all-time premiere vocalists and it is terribly unfair to pigeonhole her or any other artist for that matter whose craft transcends cateogrization.

This is a wonderful, jazzy set of standards that true music aficianados will readily appreciate as well as enjoy. There are no surprises here in terms of vocal performance - Chaka can get as smoky, and sensual, and exhilarating as anyone out there and she is more than capably backed up by the London Symphony Orchestra no less. On a very good sound system, this is the bomb! Top-notch production which gives you the feeling of being in a grand concert hall with Chaka blowing you away while you sip luxuriously on your favorite cocktail and enjoy a good cigarette.

The only complaint I have is the choice of selections. Chaka put out a jazz album in the early days with Chick Corea and Ron Carter which is ample evidence that she can indeed carry a jazz standards album with absolutely no problem. Even some of her R&B stylings indicate an enormous range. As a matter of fact, the whole time I listened to this I was reminded when Aretha did the very same thing releasing Soul 69, quite possibly her best Atlantic recording. This was an album of standards as well with Aretha literraly blowing you away with smoky renditions of blues and jazz cuts, but with an earthier selection. Diana Ross did the same when she recorded Lady Sings the Blues which I believe helped her find her true voice.

While Chaka's rendition of Stomy Weather is deep, her reading of To Sir With Love inspired and her interpretation of Teach Me Tonight is quite simply superb, one has to wonder why she felt the urge to include TWO James Bond themes. The CD ends with a beautiful ballad she penned, showcasing again, what we just love about Miss Chaka.

In the final analysis, there are some artists who deserve to be at least noticed no matter what you may think of the product. Moreover, an artist of Chaka's stature is forever adding to their body of work - it is futile to try to put a finger on the "best thing an artist has done" but rather, revel in the next level of the art form.

If you are familiar with jazz standards and appreciate the musicality of this genre, you will be quite pleased..


Classikhan - 2004

Status Quo

Pra mim o melhor dos caras

Blue For You - 1976

quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008


Le Bestiaire - 1979


Pra mim um dos melhores do Wings. Participação especial de David Guilmour, Pete Towshend, John Paul Jones e John Bonhan na musica Rockestra Theme.

Back To The Egg - 1979

Aunt Mary

Janus - 1973

Tai Phong


Esse disco não consta da discografia oficial da banda. Na verdade parece que são sobras de estudio que foram compiladas, e é bem raro.

Um amigo da Russia mandou pra mim e acreditem: é muito bom mesmo!!

Sister Jane - 1975


La Fête Sauvage - 1976

quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

Aunt Mary

Absolutamente maravilhoso. Por favor, nem pensem em perder essa magnifica obra de arte!!

A banda é da Noruega e progressivo deles é muito show!

Jan Groth - Vocals, keyboards, guitar
Bjørn Kristiansen - Guitar, vocals
Svein Gundersen -Bass, piano, vocals
Ketil Stensvik - Drums, vocals
Bengt Jenssen - Keyboards
Eirik Hauksson - Bass
Per Ivar Fure - Flute, sax, vocals
Ivan Lauritzen - Drums
Øystein Selenius Olsen - Bass

Aunt Mary - 1971


Fiesta Campestre - 1981


Live In London - 1974

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Crosby, Stills & Nash


CSN - 1977

Steeleye Span


Rocket Cottage - 1976


The Dragon - 1971

Tai Phong

Esse é melhor ainda. Um discão!!!

Windows - 1976

Chaka Khan - 7

Quem conhece a Chaka Khan apenas pelos hits "I Feel For You", "I'm Every Woman" e outras que embalaram as pistas da era DISCO, pode ficar surpreso com alguns dos discos que estou postando, como esse abaixo.

Neste disco, Chaka Khan desfila toda a sua voz e atitude numa perfomance jazzistica de qualidade superior. É Jazz pra ninguem btar defeito!!

Aqui ela deixa a Rufus de fora e chama ninguem menos que:

STANLEY CLARKE -- acoustic bass
CHICK COREA -- piano, arrangements
JOE HENDERSON -- tenor saxophone
FREDDIE HUBBARD -- flugelhorn & trumpet
CHAKA KHAN -- vocals
LENNY WHITE -- drums

Preciso dizer mais algo?

Amigo, baixe este discão maravilhoso, chame alguem especial, abra uma garrafa de vinho e pronto... Se não quiser, ouça sozinho mesmo e viaje nesse clássico.

In 1982, soul goddess Chaka Khan did the unexpected when she recorded this excellent, straight-ahead jazz LP. Regrettably, the album was released under the name Echoes of an Era instead of under Khan's own name -- so it wasn't nearly the big seller it probably would have been if Elektra had fully exploited Khan's connection with the project. But while Echoes of an Era was the victim of questionable marketing, it was a creative triumph. Joined by Joe Henderson on tenor sax, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet and flugelhorn, Chick Corea on acoustic piano, Stanley Clarke on upright bass, and Lenny White on drums, Khan demonstrates that she is quite capable of handling hard bop and straight-ahead jazz. Corea, Clarke, and White had all been members of the fusion powerhouse of the '70s Return to Forever, but make no mistake -- Echoes of an Era is very much an acoustic bop date. With White producing and Corea handling the arrangements, the singer swings aggressively and really soars on Thelonious Monk's "I Mean You" and Duke Ellington's "Take the 'A' Train," as well as on "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most," "All of Me," and "I Loves You Porgy." In fact, Khan's jazz singing is so strong that one cannot help but wonder what would have happened if jazz had been her dominant direction instead of R&B. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


Echoes Of An Era - 1982

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Tai Phong


Outra perola progressiva francesa. Na verdade, metade da banda é francesa e metade vietnamita. Só podia dar um som desses...

- Khanh Mai / electric, acoustic & slide guitar, vocals
- Tai Sihn / vocal, bass, acoustic guitar, Moog
- Jean-Jacques Goldmnan / vocals, electric, acoustic guitar, violin
- Jean Alain Gardet / piano, organ, Moog, keyboards
- Stephan Caussarieu / drums, percussion

Tai Phong - 1975

Steeleye Span

Tempted And Tried - 1989


En Public - 1979


Um clássico

In Flame - 1972

Status Quo

Quo - 1974

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Excelente progressivo o dessa banda espanhola. Raridade!!!

Labanda - 1980

Tom Waits

Closing Time - 1972


Quintessence - 1978


Almanach - 1976


Na minha opinião esse é o melhor e mais progressivo disco do Malicorne

Malicorne 2 - 1975

sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008


Malicorne IV - 1977


Malicorne é uma banda francesa que mistura folk tradicional com vários elementos do rock, ficando alguma coisa entre o Fairport Convention e o Steeleye Span.

A banda se tornou um ícone do folk-rock francês nos anos 70.

Les Cathédrales De L'Industrie - 1986

Gastr Del Sol

Mirror Repair - 1996

Gastr Del Sol

Camoufleur - 1998

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Chaka Khan - 6

Chaka Khan - 1982

Zico irá substituir Felipão?

Sem equipe desde sua saída do Fenerbahce, no último dia 10, o ex-jogador e atual técnico Zico está sendo apontado como um dos principais candidatos à sucessão de Luiz Felipe Scolari no comando da seleção portuguesa. As informações são da agência Ansa.

Alice Cooper - 19

Trash - 1989

David Byrne

Esse disco um amigo me pediu e aí vai:

Uh-Oh - 1981


Return To Base - 1979