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the Outfield

Play Deep - 1985

Andwellas Dream

Love And Poetry - 1969


DAVE LEWIS (guitar, piano, organ, vocals)
NIGEL SMITH (bass, vocals)
DAVE McDOUGALL (keybords)


World's End - 1970

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The Tonix

The Tonix EP - 1981


A banda é de Israel e eu gostei pra caramba.

Rob Huxley - various guitars, vocals
Haim Romano - various guitars, mandolin, vocals
Michael Gabriellov - bass guitar, vocals
Amy Triebitch - drums
Stan Solomon - vocals

Churchill's - 1970-1971

Harfield and The North


Hatwise Choice - 1971 - 1975


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Cosmic Eye

This instrumental album has only one track, spread over two sides. It attempts a metamorphosis and blending of different atmospheres into a "sequence" of musical images. There is some bebop jazz, some Indian music augmented with electric guitar and some which is totally unclassifiable. Although quite pretentious by its very nature the album has its moments, but on the whole suffers from a shortage of good ideas. Some of it could easily pass for New Age music. Rather half-baked.

Recorded at Landsdowne Studios, London Engineered by Peter Gallen.
Produced by Denis Preston. 1972, Regal Zonaphone, EMI. SLRZ 1030

Dream Sequence - 1972

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Jan Akkerman - LINK BOM!

Maravilha de disco!

Live At Alexanders - 1999

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God Is Good - 2009

Hidria Spacefolk

Symetria - 2007

Average White Band

Hidria Spacefolk

Balansia - 2003

Hidria Spacefolk

Quem gosta de Ozric Tentacles, vai gostar dessa banda finlandesa. Discaço!
- Kimmo Dammert / bass
- Mikko Happo / electric guitar, digeridoo, posthorn
- Teemu Kilponen / drums, percussion
- Janne Lounatvuori / rhodes, synthesizers
- Sami Wirkkala / acoustic, electric and midi guitar, jawharp, percussion

Symbiosis - 2002

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