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Chico Magne

Reissue of rare as hell 1973 French psychedelic heavy rock album that rides a strong Hendrix acid trip. This is a great album loaded with violent ripping fuzz lashes!

O cara é uma especie de Hendrix psicodélico. Show!

Chico Magnetic Band - 1973

Burning Red Ivanhoe

Imperdível. Sensacional.

M144 - 1971

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Burning Red Ivanhoe

One of the biggest names of Scandinavian progressive groups that became well-known worldwide. Their music can be described as progressive jazz-rock under influences of beat, R&B, psychedelia... The compositions present often improvisational long passages with Karsten Vogel's (soprano sax, alto sax) musical visions. The other members are: Kim Menzer (flute, violin, trombone, harmonica), Ole Fick (guitars, vocals), Jess Stæhr (bass), Bo Thrige Andersen (drums).

They started in 1967 but the first album appeared two years later. It was double LP M144. By many considered their best. The comparison to The Who is especially clear in this early period. Most of the compositions have lyrics in native language but this changed with the following records where dominating language was English. The second, self-titled album presents the same style and similar record structure: after dynamic opening Across The Windowsill (on M144 it is famous Ivanhoe I Brøndbyerne) compositions of various style and atmosphere come: R&B Rotating Irons, dynamic blues-rock Gong-Gong, The Elephant Song, the ballad Near The Sea, etc. The last track is titled Secret Oyster Service - does it remind you of something? The third album WWW is probably their most progressive work. The music is more placid without crazy sax solos and R&B tracks; also over 8-minutes excellent 2nd Floor, Croydon has more progressive character. In the same year the band recorded LP with Danish folk singer Povl Dissing. Although the compositions are more folk oriented and all lyrics are in Danish there are some moments, especially over 10-minutes Tingel-Tangelmanden that could be interesting for progressive rock fans.

The group split in 1972 but before it happened they recorded one more album - it was "live in studio" Miley Smile/Stage Recall. Surprisingly, it contains only three old compositions: Ivanhoe I Brøndbyerne, Rotating Irons and Indre Landskab (however in different versions). The rest presents fresh material like rousing The Monster Song, funny cover version of the old standard Red River Rock or the longest and the most typical for the group, jazzy Bareback Rider. The album ends with R&B Goodbye, which is the musicians' farewell. All in all, Miley Smile/Stage Recall is another excellent position in group discography.

In fact, two years later one more album appeared signed as Burnin' Red Ivanhoe. Its story is pretty interesting. Vogel was a member of Secret Oyster at that time. He found (Ref. 2) that he collected some compositions that were not appropriate for experimental style of this group and decided to release the new album under old band name. Right On appeared in 1974 and is another "mandatory" item for BRI fans (unfortunately, this album is extremely difficult to find and very expensive). As for the members, there were former musicians of BRI: Vogel, Andersen, Fick, Secret Oyster: Knudsen and Day Of Phoenix: Karsten Lyng (vocal), so the band name on the album was used rather for formality. This record has rare moments when you hear the echoes of Burnin' Red Ivanhoe (mainly instrumental parts with sax solos) but more often of Day Of Phoenix' first album. The opening track reminds of Uriah Heep very much! In 1980 the group in old good line-up released Shorts, containing pop-rock compositions, quite enjoyable but it is a different story. Burning Red Ivanhoe was one of the most important and typical Danish rock representatives of that time. Fortunately, its rich discography is the evidence of wonderful musicians'

W.W.W. 1971



Mother Bow To The King- 1972



WALPURGIS was founded in the beginning of the 70's by the Polish and German musicians Ryszard Kalemba (guitar), Jerszy Sokolownski (guitar, vocals), George Fruchtenicht (bass), Jan Sundermeyer (percussion, flute), and Manfred Stadelmann (drums, vocals). During May and June 1972 WALPURGIS recorded their first and only record "Queen of Saba" for the famous German OHR label, in the Dierks Studio in Stommeln, with Dieter Dierks engineering and Frank Öser producing. Jurgen Dollase from the band WALLENSTEIN played keyboards. The band plays a Westcoast and Psychedelic influenced Krautrock. Their music is based on long improvisations mainly on guitar with organ and piano work by Dollase. WALPURGIS didn't break through and never gained a second opportunity, due to the demise of OHR reords in 1973.

Queen Of Saba - 1973

Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills slips a bit further from songcraft, a bit deeper into shadowy ethno-drones in this, their second proper full-length, splicing the tribal sounds of caravan percussion to space-age guitar effects and synthesizer sounds. Though usually compared to interstellar overdrivers like Spaceman 3, here the band sounds more like NNCK, improvisatory, foreboding and tethered loosely to Middle Eastern and African rhythms.

Nearly everyone from 2006’s Dins has returned – old hands Tres Warren and Liz Hart and later recruit Brian Tamborello – but there’s a new element with the addition of Jimy SeiTang. SeiTang brings in many of Mirror Eye’s freakier elements, synthesizers that sound like aircraft and ritual chant, interplanetary navigation systems and shepherd’s horns. The long opening cut, “Mantis,” for instance, somehow invokes the glottal weirdness of Tuvan throat-singing, its vibrating haze of synthesizer, coalescing in a tone that sounds like the song a chromium machine might sing if it were learning transcendental meditation. Later, “The Way Of” sways and jounces like a desert trader on camelback, its primitive rhythms joined to serpentine Middle Eastern guitar. The synthesizer in this piece sounds like either an aerial sonar device or a goat bleating, depending on how you come to it. It is perfectly ambiguous, either older than time or as new as tomorrow’s technology, but either way, fitting seamlessly into a groove. Dusted reviews

Mirror Eye - 2009



Mandala - 1972 - By Museo Rosenbach

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... Lifun - 1971 - By Museo Rosenbach


Velvet Fogg

Banda obscura e quase sem informação. Não se iluda com a capa "paia" e curta o som hard dos anos 70 dessa que considero uma das mais desconhecidas bandas.

"A shroud of mystery surrounds this legendary Birmingham psych band, led by singer-guitarist Paul Eastment (later of Ghost) and organist Frank Wilson (founder of Warhorse). Despite the flattering liner notes written by John Peel, not much is known about them, which only makes this album (dated 1968) all the more intriguing, thanks also to the high quality music within, starting with the percussive and hypnotic 'Yellow Cave Woman,' and the splendid folk ballad 'Once Among The Trees.' Also noteworthy, the version of 'Come Away Melinda' by Tim Rose, released two years prior to Uriah Heep's version." forcedexposure.com

A shroud of mystery surrounds this legendary Birmingham psych band, led by singer-guitarist Paul Eastment (later of The Ghost) and organist Frank Wilson (founder of Warhorse). Despite the flattering liner notes written by John Peel, not much is known about them, which only makes this album (dated 1968) all the more intriguing, thanks also to the high quality music within, starting with the percussive and hypnotic 'Yellow Cave Woman,' and the splendid folk ballad 'Once Among The Trees.' Also noteworthy, the version of 'Come Away Melinda' by Tim Rose, released two years prior to Uriah Heep's version. Insound

Velvet Fogg - 1969 - By O Retorno do Muro Classic Rock



Undir Ahrifum - 1970 - By Museo Rosenbach


Acid King

Busse Wood - 2007



Raridade total! Primeirão dessa que é a maior banda islandesa da história.

Trubrot - 1969 - By Museo Rosenbach


Acid King

Zoroaster - 1995


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Acid King

Acid King - 1994


The Magic Shoemaker - 1970


Zu, the Roman metal/math/no-wave/free noise/punk/jazz trio, is perhaps best known in the US as a band who have had an unbelievable line-up of recording partners which includes The Stooges’ Steve Mackay, Fugazi’s Joe Lally and Guy Picciotto, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Can’s Damo Suzuki, jazz masters Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson, percussionists Han Bennink and Hamid Drake, improvisationalist Eugene Chadbourne and the like-minded Nobukazu Takemura. Now making their Ipecac debut, Carboniferous follows a year of performing overseas with label owner Mike Patton and features contributions from both the aforementioned Patton and The Melvins’ King Buzzo. Further cementing the Ipecac – Zu relationship is the rumored new BigBand, this one coupling Zu and dälek.The Italian trio of Jacopo Battaglia (drums), Massimo Pupillo (bass) and Luca T. Mai (saxophone) formed in 1999 after having worked together in local theater. Driven by a punk rock work ethic, Zu have played an astounding number of over 1,000 gigs worldwide including Europe, North America, Asia, Russia, and even Africa. The have released fourteen albums to date.


Carboniferous - 2009


A progressive rock trio from Edmonton, Alberta, though local collector Tim Holden tells me no one can remember much about them now. The album was recorded at Round Sound, Edmonton, Alberta. The band took care of the arrangements, words and music themselves. Most of the tracks - Early Morning, Life's OK, Rub-A-Dub-Dub Troyka In A Tub, Dear Margaret (Malgasia) and Troyka Finale are progressive rock style instrumentals. Another Rolling Down The Back Road has a sorta guitar freakout and Go East Young Man Beautiful Pink Eyes culminates in a sorta guitar jam. Certainly not for everyone but if guitar-driven instrumentation is your scene this could be for you. Certainly an unusual album. Often compared to Gun and Warpig.

Troyka - 1970


Raridade! Absolutamente sensacional. Banda alemã progressivo com psicodelia e pitadas de jazz. Muito show!

Kollektiv - 1973 - By Venenos do Rock

Food Brain

Banda fusion japonesa de qualidade superior

Social Gathering - 1970

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Outra peróla do Pholhas. É muito som!

Pholhas - 1975

Shotgun LTD

Grupo californiano de heavy/prog . Os caras não chegam aos 21 anos mas fazem som de gente grande!

Shotgun LTD -1971

Mad Dog

Monstrous & unreleased at the time heavy/psychedelic/West Coast artifact of the highest order. This is one of the five best-ever promo-only releases to emerge from California. Only released in a quantity of a couple of copies to get a major record deal that never materialized. Three of the songs were used in a low-budget biker flick called Black Angels. The original demo LP had only a plain black label with no kinds of credits. The original producer told us that a demo-only LP was released by The Zoo after the Chocolate Moose album. The slightly different line-up had the name Joyful Noise (you can see a scan of the acetate in Hans Pokora's 4001 Record Collector's Dreams) but at this time they were looking for a tougher name to fit to the music and they found Mad Dog. Under this name a couple of test pressings were done. So we made a re-release deal straight away. To our surprise the guy told us, after hearing the tape, that he knew the music and that it had already been re-released by another label without any kinds of info using the numbers from the dead end part of the vinyl which was C1/C2! The C was for Cavett, the producer's name. Since the project was already paid, we decided to go on with the release to please collectors with an amazing remastering straight from the master tapes, and an insert with unseen pictures and a band bio written by Morgan Cavett.

Por favor, não percam esta peróla!

Dawn of The Seventh Sun - 1969 - By Claudio Tull



Peróla pura. O primeirão dos Pholhas.

Dead Faces - 1973

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Nik Bärtsch's Ronin

Fusion e jazz muito bom.
Nik Bartsch - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Sha - Contrabass and Bass Clarinets
Bjorn Meyer - Bass
Kaspar Rast - Drums
Andi Pupato - Percussion

Stoa - 2006


Sensacional. Imperdível!
At Georges Coffe Shop - 1970


It seemed like anything was possible in the late 1960's,even a rock band composed of five semi-skilled musician bikers who filled the topside of their debut album with an eighteen minute jam about how much fun it is to be a biker! Smoke is best described as the Grateful Dead's backwoods cousin after sitting at the feet of the Maharishi. Led by 300 pound Brother John Orvis, a man as spiritually gentle as he was physically imposing, the band made its way up and down the Pacific coast, singing about peace, love, and self realization.

Although the material may be seen by some as pretentious, the delivery most assuredly isn't. Smoke's debut album is a true rock rarity: a record driven to greatness on the strength of its amateurishness. The band played any instrument that it could find, not in a scholarly, Incredible String Band sort of way, but just to see what it might sound like. They loved life, and sang songs ("Carry On Your Idea", "Choose It") asking you to love yours just as much. These gruff, mean looking dudes wanted above all else to be your friends, and their sincerity prevented the whole affair from being the sappy mess it might otherwise have become. They truly believed in the hippie dream, and their distillation of that dream onto vinyl is one of the most joyous, life-affirming things ever created! (ochsfan RYM)

Carry On Your Idea - 1969


Space rock maravilhoso. Algo entre Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles.

A Wound in Eternity - 2008

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Jon Lord

Gemini Suite - 1970


Primeirão. Raridade!

MFSB - 1973

Collin Wallcott


Cloud Dance - 1976

Les Paul

A Gibson Les Paul talvez seja a guitarra mais "sonho de consumo" e a melhor de todas. Confira o porque:

The Guitar Artistry of Les Paul