quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

Robin Trower

If - Repost

Dennis Elliott - Drums
J.W. Hodgkinson - Vocals
John Mealing - Keyboards, Vocals
Dick Morrissey - Saxophones, Flute
Dave Quincy - Saxophones
Jim Richardson - Bass
Terry Smith - Guitar

If-3 - 1971

terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2009


Mais um do Baby

Where Did At The Money Go? - 1976


Arthur Lee & Love

Black Beauty and Raritites - 1997

John McLaughlin and Shakti

Natural Elements - 1977

Quem tem?

Já ouvi algumas musicas do disco em playlists de sites na Internet e gostei pra caramba, aliás o Blue Miracle foi uma das melhores surpresas dos ultimos tempos.

Quem tiver algum link e quiser compartilhar, por favor, compartilhe!

Blue Miracle - Stick It Out - 1997


Bamboozle - 1971

Terje Rypdal


Back Against The Wall - 1987


Black Diamond - 1976


Ooh Baby - 1974 - By Lágrima Psicodélica


Blues Obituary - 1969


Crosscut Saw - 1975

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Robin Trower

Robin Trower

Caravan To Midnight - 1978


Outra banda que eu desconhecia era a Next. Os caras são canadenses de Winnipeg e fazem um hard rock legal de ouvir. pena que a gravação não seja ótima, mas vale a pena conhecer.

George Belanger (vocal)
Ralph Watts (guitarras)
James Grabowski (órgão)
Al Johnson (bateria)
Brian Sellar (baixo)

Dust Shoes - 1971

Robin Trower

Mais desse monstro

In City Dreams - 1977

sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009


Não liguem para o nome infantil da banda, os texanos do Baby fazem um hard setentão do jeito que eu gosto. Não conheço outro disco deles, mas sei que gente como Taj Mahal, John Fogerty e Buddy Guy já deram uma força pros caras.

Baby - 1975

Robin Trower

Victims of the Fury - 1980

Robin Trower

Beyond The Mist - 1985

Oliver Nelson

Soul e R&B de prima!

Skull Sessions - 1973

Terje Rypdal

Odyssey - 1994

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segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

The Enid

British group THE ENID were formed around the founder/keyboardist Robert John GODFREY (BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST) and his fellow founder-members, guitarists Stephen STEWART and Francis LICKERISH in 1974. Almost like a combination of classical and rock, the band combined vast orchestral movements, exclusively classical instrumentation, rigourous construction completely well-written and romantic rock music led by composer Robert John GODFREY. For the most part the albums have some orchestrated sound, all created using the standard guitars, basses, keyboards and drums. THE ENID are probably the TOP of the symphonic tradition. ProgAchives.

Pra mim um dos melhores do Enid.

Aerie Faerie Nonsense - 1977


The Enid - Robert John Godfrey

Richard Wahnfried

Tonwelle - 1981

Richard Wahnfried

Excelente disco!

Time Actor - 1979

Richard Wahnfried

Richard Wahnfried, later Wahnfried is the side project of Berlin electronic pioneer Klaus Schulze. The pseudonym’s etymology comes from Shulze’s admiration for Richard Wagner. The name Wahnfried was previously used in a title from his “Timewind” album. The project has started in the late 70’s. Musically it alternates Schulze’s usual synth material in his solo works and a handful of instruments as guitar, tribal percussions, saxophone…thanks to the collaboration of several famous rock musicians. Each album features guest musicians as the vocalist Arthur Brown on “Time actor” (1979) , Schulze’s friend and guitarist Manuel Gottsching (Ashra Tempel) on “Tonwelle” (1981). Carlos Santana’s drummer Michael Schrieve also participated on several albums. The result is orientated to more mainstream genres with a constant exploration in electronic, “space” synth music. An album as “Trancelation” (1994) is in the course of “trance” music, experimenting sampling, precise electronic rhythms and melodic synth waves.For progressive rock fans, the most recommended efforts are the two first. The rest of the discography is for absolute Klaus Schulze’s fans. Prog Archives.

Megatone - 1984


Rock Puzzle - 1979