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Outra perola do hard. Banda canadense. Maravilha!
Warpig - 1978


Outra obscura banda, dessa vez um power-trio chamado Mariani, que nos brinda com uma hard de primeirissima qualidade e muito solo de guitarra distorcida. SHOW!!

Eric Johnson - Guitar, vocals
Vince Mariani -Drums, vocals
Jay Podolnick - Bass, vocals

Perpetuun Mobile - 1970


Absolutamente espetacular. Banda rara e de prima! Vale a pena! Hard Rock tradicional dos anos 70. Engraçado é que ficou a sensação de que parece que eu já ouvi essa banda,

Chariot - 1968


Trippy U.K. Psych album that has some great psych cuts like 'On a Meadow Lea’ and ‘the Lens’. Can be compared to the ‘Pussy Plays’ album, indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same bunch of heads. Oak Acetator
Released originally on the Morgan Blue Town label, probably selling about 50 copies to friends and family, this now fetches a 3 figure sum on original vinyl.
Known by the name of an album rather than the name of the group, Motherlight produced an album full of spooky psychedelia with progressive leanings, which works really well. Almost all tracks have a slightly unsettling atmosphere, originating in a clever use of dissonance, without being quirky. Morgan Blue Town BT 5003

Bobak, Jons, Malone - 1970

Ardo Dombec

Yet another Class A Progressive Fusion band from Germany they never cease to amaze me . Very nice Sax and vocals fit to this album very well indeed, nice flutes too. Khrisna's Golden

Helmut Hachmann – sax, flute
Harald Gleu – guitar and vocals
Wolfgang Spillner – drums and vocals
Michael Ufer – bass


Ardo Dombec - 1971

Blue Rodeo

Cassino - 1990

Ancient Grease

O Ancient Grease é uma banda formada no Reino Unido a partir de outra banda chamada Strawberry Dust. Este é um disco que já andou sendo disponibilizado em alguns poucos blogs, mas que continua dificil de se ver por aí. O disco é um apanhado de psicodelia, hard rock, rock and roll.

Gareth "Morty" Mortimer - vocals
Jack Bass - baas
Dick "Ferndale" Owen - drums
Graham Williams - guitars

Acreditem: o disco é bom pra caramba! É o tipo de rock que eu gosto, bem sujo e pesado. coisas dos anos 70 mesmo!

Woman And Children First - 1970

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Produced by Eddie Jason, 1970's "FAT" is a fantastic and completely overlooked near-classic (a couple of online references say RCA only pressed 400 copies of their debut album). At least to my ears this Massachusetts-based quintet seemed to have everything required for major stardom - a great singer in Peter Newland, killer chops including a pair of impressive lead guitarists in Michael Benson and James Kaminski, and a rock steady rhythm section in drummer William Benjamin and bassist Guy DeVito. That line up coupled with more than their share of first-rate material that was simultaneously tuneful and lyrically interesting made for a great LP. No wonder they met with zilch in terms of commercial success. With Benson, Kaminski and Newland sharing writing credits, tracks like 'House On the Corner', 'Mine Eyes Have Seen' (with an unexpected jazzy closing segment, the Cream inspired 'Country Girl', and the ballad 'Lonely Lady' (sounding uncannily like something a 1990s band like Creed might have recorded) were tailor made for FM radio. Elsewhere RCA tapped the album for a quickly forgotten single in 'The Shape I'm In' b/w 'Over the Hill' (RCA catalog number 47-9913). The 'A" side happened to be the most top-40 commercial effort on the album and should have generated considerable airplay. Perhaps not a great comparison, but imagine "Can't Buy a Thrill" era Steely Dan had they decided to pursue their rock roots rather than going jazzy and pseudo-sophisticated. All hyperbole aside, these guys had it all and this is one of a handful of albums that I've bothered transferring to CDR for personnel use. (BAD CAT)
Fat - 1970 - By Red Telephone


In The Beginning - 1968


They are English, neither American, nor Uruguayan. These Genesis is Colombian, and we can say that it is a pity that used a so common name when its music is so special and unique! We are very, very proud of daros to know this incredible group that for incomprehensible reasons does not have the recognition that deserves to be between the best South American groups of 60 - 70. Founded by Humberto Monroy (ex- Speakers) just entered the 70, they recorded a good number of discs, among them this is the second. Engraving in March of 1974 and published by Famous (subseal of Records), this its second album is a still imbatido disc in its field. Flutes, acoustic, electrical guitars and of twelve cords, percussions, low, occasional harmonic and brilliants voices offer a unique sound to cabadllo between folk, the rock and psicodelia, always with a strong flavor of Andean folklore. The majority of the subjects was written by Humberto, like the well-known and psychedelic “Don Simón”, although the subject that remembers more of them is the frightening version of Cat Stevens “Like decirte whatever I love you”. In its letters, Castilian, they praise the beauty of the nature and, mainly, social message in support of farmers, worked against natives and classes. Booklet with photos and infos, remasterizado sound, and with slimcase.

Genesis - 1968 - By The Tiger Rides

The Gods

"The GODS are most famous for introducing the world to Ken Hensley, the multi talented, main songwriter of URIAH HEEP’s most famous period and an excellent solo career in his own right, but also housing Greg Lake and Mick Taylor in their ranks at some point in their relatively short lived history. However, they were arguably, alongside DEEP PURPLE’s earliest work, the closest the UK came to VANILLA FUDGE..." - ProgArchives

- Ken Hensley/ keyboards, vocals
- Joe Konas/ guitars, vocals
- John Glascock/ bass, vocals
- Lee Kerslake/ drums, vocals

Quem gosta do Uraih Heep... Vai gostar do The Gods

Genesis - 1968

Link alternativo -

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Critter's Buggin

Critters Buggin é uma fantástica e eclética banda formada em Seattle na década de noventa pelo baterista Matt Chamberlain e o baixista J. Bradley House (ambos New Bohemians); pelo saxofonista e multi-instrumentista Skerik (Ponga, Tuatara) e pelo percussionista Mike Dillon, produzindo um amálgama de sons na direção do Jazz-Funk-Dub-Fusion. Em "Bumpa", 4º álbum da banda, gravação de 1998, pelo selo Loose Groove, a banda viaja pelos temas Free criando climas expressivamente Funks-Dubs, ora crus e enxutos na linha do baixo funkeado de Bradley House, ora em momentos espaciais com solos de sax com efeitos do jovem Skerik mais uma cama de piano Rhodes como por exemplo nos sensacionais temas atmosféricos "Raimondi" e "33".

Rare & Groove Jazz

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Loops, Samples
J. Bradley Houser: Bass, Baritone Sax, Rhodes
Skerik: Saxophones, Hammond, Fender Rhodes, Synths
Mike Dillon: Percussions, Vibraphone


Bumpa - 1998

Jethro Tull

Liquid Tension Experiment 2

Maravilhoso disco de fusion. Segundo disco da banda.

- Tony Levin / basses
- John Petrucci / guitar
- Mike Portnoy / drums
- Jordan Rudess / keys

Liquid Tension Experiment 2 - 1999

Faixa 05 - When The Water Breaks -


Outro pedido:

Faixa 14 - Lluvia Dorada -


A faixa que pediram do album Tons of Sobs

Faixa 07 - The Hunter -

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Jeff Line

Every Little Thing (Single) - 1990

The Bluebells

Second Album -1992


El grupo Rayuela , el cual se forma a fines de 1976, estaba integrado por Marcelo Morano (teclados), Willy Campins ( bajo y voz), Andrés Goldstein (guitarra y voz), Guillermo Nojechowicz (batería y voz) y Eduardo Berinstein (saxo).

Luego de varios meses de ensayos en un sótano que compartian con la banda Soluna (de Santaolalla y compañía), hacen su debut en abril del ´77 en el Teatro del Carmen. Luego de mantenerse en actividad durante todo ese año, los músicos ingresan a estudios a mediados del ´78 para registrar su primer álbum, el cual se edito a los pocos meses y recibió excelentes criticas.

Paralelamente a la aparición del material discográfico, ingresan a Rayuela Osvaldo Bosch en reemplazo de Berinstein y el ex-Soluna Oski Amante en percusión. Con esta formación continuaron actuando hasta que a mediados de 1979 se desintegra el grupo.

A continuación transcribo un reportaje que le hiciera la revista Pelo a los músicos y también el comentario de la revista sobre el disco, las dos cosas publicadas en su numero 96 del mes de Mayo del ´78 ... por ultimo encontraran el link para bajar el único disco de Rayuela, que lo disfruten... Starosta.
Maravilhoso. Sensacional!!

Rayuela - 1978 - By Cosas Rusticas Eternas

French TV

The Case Against Art - 2002

French TV

This fun band comes from Louisville (Kentucky) and has existed since 1983. Led by the leadership of bassist Mike Sary, FRENCH TV has released 7 albums of music for musicians, deftly nodding to prog-masters like NATIONAL HEALTH, SOFT MACHINE, ZAPPA, BRUDFORD, BRAND X, HAPPY THE MAN, and SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, among others. To describe French TV's music is simple and complicated ... All the band’s other issues contain moving moments; a hybrid of Canterbury, RIO, Fusion, and Insanity, not to mention random little snippets of other styles.

"The Violence of Amateurs" is one of the best jazz-rock album of the last ten years. This is somtething that should easily appeal to fans of Canterbury, Fusion or even the more minded symph fan. On the whole, the music on "The Case Against Art" represents a very innovative manifestation of Classic Symphonic Progressive with the elements of Jazz-Fusion and Prog-Metal.

This Is What We Do - 2006

Faixa 05 - Theme From ESPN X-Treme -

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Bella Band

Banda italiana progressiva. Vale a pena

Bella Band - 1978

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The Tony Williams Lifetime

Emergency! - 1969






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De fato uma jóia

The Jewel - 1982


New Born Day is the 1973 debut album by Ruphus. The band released several album during the 70s, but, from what I've heard, their first two albums are the most progressive. The band's "sound" here features bass/hammond organ/guitar interplay, male vocals, and a rather powerful female singer. The bass and hammond playing really stands out on most tracks. Their bassist plays in a style that reminds listeners of Chris Squire, and the keyboardist has a very "hot" Hammond B-3 style typical of the 70s. Once in a while, the guitarist stands out with a riff, solo, or acoustic guitar strumming. But, for some reason, my ears focus in on the bass and hammond interplay over the guitar playing. Once in a while, I also hear other musical instruments such as the vibes, and flute, but the music is similar to other progressive hard-rock bands of the time. Most of the tracks are song-based(with mostly verses, and little to no repeated choruses), and feature some rather complex extended sections. The male vocalist tends to sound average, but the female vocalist really stands out with a charismatic vocal style. She has a powerful, soul-based voice. At first, I have to admit, that it sounded odd to hear "soul" vocals on a prog album, but after just a few listens her style became very enjoyable and simply added a unique touch to the music. In fact, I sort of wish that she sang on all of the tracks. My only complaint here is with the lyrics. The band sings in English(the female singer's English is excellent, the male singer's English is average), but unfortunately the lyrics really date the album, and I mean these lyrics bring the album down a notch. They are so naive that they would fit right in with the stereotypical 60s hippie scene. Overall, New Born Day is a strong album with noticeable flaws. Review by Steve Hegede.

Banda progressiva obscura da Noruega.

New Born Day - 1973


Um dos melhores Neo-progressivos que acho é o que essa banda faz!

Utrecht ...The Final Frontier - Live - 1995

Tim Hardin

Tim Hardin was a 60's era folk-rock musician who was sucker punched by drugs. The only time I saw Tim perform was on New Year's Eve 1979 in Seattle. He was a last minute booking at a small, now defunct neighborhood bar; seeing him was an easy decision as it was too late to get reservations anywhere. But his deterioration at that point was painfully clear. He performed none of his own compositions that night, nor did he perform anything else except "Georgia On My Mind" over and over again. He would be dead within the year at age 39.

Particularmente, chapei no disco do cara. É muito bom e merece o download!

Nine - 1973

Todd Rundgren's Utopia

Swing To The Right - 1982

John Winter


Austin Texas - 1972
Faixa 02 - Mean Town Blues -
Faixa 04 - Mean Mistreater -

Willie Hutch

Fully Exposed - 1973

Todd Rundgren

One Long Year - 2000

The New Tony Williams Lifetime

Million Dollar Legs - 2003

FAIXA 08 You Did It to Me Baby -

The Who

Todd Rundgren's Utopia

Deface the music - 1980

Faixa 06-That´s not right -

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Banda belga que mistura elementos de jazz fusion com outras vertentes da boa musica. Excelente e imperdível!!

Formed out of the ashes of Belgian bands such as WALLACE COLLECTION, WATERLOO and ARKHAM, PAZOP was heavily influenced by Frank ZAPPA, Canterbury bands but also classical composers such as Tchaikovski, Dvorak, Mozart, Verdi etc..

PAZOP is a typical Belgian zany group of those years and they fit quite nicely into the Belgian more experimental tradition that will later include AKSAK MABOUL, UNIVERS ZERO, COS etc..

Frank Wuyts on KB, Dirk Bogaert on vocals and flute, Patrick Cogneaux on bass and Jacky Mauer on drums and percussions of all sorts, were joined by Polish member Kuba Szczepanski on violin.Their sound is rather unique due to the fact that no guitars appear on the album. Although they had no problems getting a record contract and they recorded quickly they had all sorts of problem to get the album released due to commercial potential in France and had to copy their master tape to be able to release it. A second album was also partially recorded (included on the Musea release) before the band folded.

PAZOP's music is likely to appeal strongly to all Canterbury sound fans as well as ZAPPA.

Much recommended.

- Dirk Bogaert / lead vocals, flute
- Frank Wuyts / keyboards, vocals
- Kuba Szczepansky / violin
- Patrick Cogneaux / bass
- Jacky Mauer / percussions

Psychillis Of A Lunatic Genius - 1972

Wishibone Ash

Sou suspeito pra falar do Wishibone Ash. Adoro essa banda!

The Power of Eternity - 2007

Circus 2000

Banda italiana com vocal em inglês e feminino. Excelente!

An Escape From A Box - 1972