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Human Egg

Banda francesa desconhecida. Os caras msituram coisas eletrônicas com progressivo. Achei interesante.

Human Egg - 1978


Purple Overdose

É realmente uma grata surpresa grega. Valeu João Antônio pela dica. Ótimo disco.

Purple Overdose - 1993

Purple Overdose

The long, long awaited third album from this 5-piece Greek outfit continues their exploration of all things colorful, spacey, and psychedelic. The album kicks off in fine fashion with the epic twelve-minute track, (It's a) Fortune Teller, featuring trippy, swirling organ, sitar, tabla, and of course, guitar. Costas Constantinou's vocals are in English, though with a slight accent, lending an exotic feel to the music in the same way that Demis Roussos' vocals did to the music of Aphrodite's Child back in the 60's. The band rocks out on Gonna Be Tomorrow, Today.
Constantinou's guitar playing has just the right amount of fuzz, and plenty of searing energy. Other highlights include the mellow, floating Her Arms Embrace the Sun, and the 13 ½-minute, four-part odyssey Fading Sounds of Lost Thoughts.

If you love that delicious 60's psychedelic sound, a combination of the skill and melodic inventiveness of early Pink Floyd with the heaviness of Iron Butterfly, coupled with the top-notch production of today, you'll certainly dig this album. It will no doubt take a considerable number of spins in your disk player, as it has mine. Aural-Innovations.

Um amigo me apresentou a esta peróla grega surpreendente. Vale muito a pena. Uma overdose de som de primeira qualidade.

Reborn - 1999


Cat Mothers & The All Nights Newsboys

Good Old Rock'n Roll Music - 1969 - By Tyme-Machine


Into The Night - 1977

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Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys

Last Change Dance - 1973 - By Raremp3

Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys

Albion Doo-Wah - 1970 - By Raremp3

Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys

Grassroots rockers Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys formed in New York's Lower East Side in 1967 -- comprising singer/guitarist Larry Parker, lead guitarist Charlie Chin, bassist Roy Michaels, keyboardist Bob Smith, and drummer Michael Equine; By year's end they were regularly headlining the Cafe Wha?, and soon were ensconced as the house band at the famed Electric Circus. In 1969 the group signed to Polydor Records, with longtime friend Jimi Hendrix agreeing to produce their debut LP The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away -- supported by a series of appearances as Hendrix's opener, the record generated Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys' lone Top 40 hit "Good Old Rock and Roll," a medley of pop classics from the late 1950s. Chin left the lineup soon after, and in an attempt to also sever ties with manager Michael Jeffrey, the remaining bandmembers traveled to San Francisco to record the follow-up, 1970s Albion Doowah, a pastoral, country-inspired effort featuring Paul Johnson on guitar and Jay Ungar on bass. Parker split soon after, and the remaining trio of Michaels, Smith and Equine returned to New York, abbreviating their name to simply Cat Mother and recruiting guitarist Charlie Prichard and percussionist Steve Davidson for their eponymous 1971 LP. Guitarist Charlie Harcourt replaced Prichard for Cat Mother's fourth and final album, 1973's aptly-titled Last Chance Dance, although the group continued playing live for several years to follow.~ by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.

*William David "Charlie" Chin (guitar),
*Roy "Bones" Michaels (vocals, bass),
*Bob Smith (vocals, keyboards, drums),
*Michael Equine (drums, guitar),
*Larry Israel Packer (guitar, violin)

Cat Mother & The All Nights Newsboys - 1971 - By Raremp3

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Airlord was formed in Wellington in 1976, played the pubs and flew to Australia the following year, recorded an excellent albeit ignored album, "Clockwork Revenge", and disbanded in 1978. The group failed to secure a large New Zealand audience, largely because they performed original material. Airlord had to escape to Australia to earn a decent living, and although they were never a top draw card across the Tasman, their lifespan was a lot longer than had they stayed in New Zealand.
In 1979 after Airlord had disbanded, Steve MacKenzie and Alan Blackburn formed Machine with Tony Jax on drums and Steve Kulak on bass. They released one single in 1981 called "They Destroy Me".

Before Airlord, Steve MacKenzie had teamed up with Reece Kirk to form a duo called Friends. They released two singles, one in 1974 and the other in 1975. Reece had also released a single by himself in 1972.

Clockwork Revenge - 1977


Segundo e último disco dos caras.
Turbulence - 1980


AVIATOR was founded in 1978 by Jack Lancaster (saxophone, flute, lyricon, synthesizer) and Mick Rogers (guitar & lead vocals) with the copilotes Clive Bunker (drums) and John G. Perry (bass & vocals). All four musicians already had an impressive background in different bands. Jack Lancaster had played with: BLODWYN PIG, the MICK ABRAHAMS BAND and the SOUL SEARCHERS, Mick Rogers with: MANFRED MANN'S EARTHBAND, Clive Bunker with: JETHRO TULL, BLODWYN PIG and STEVE HILLAGE, John G. Perry with: CARAVAN and QUANTUM JUMP. They played a mixture of straightforward Rock songs alternating with instrumental Jazz-Rock passages reminiscing COLOSSEUM and BLODWYN PIG, Jack Lancaster gave the band a typical sound with the lyricon and soprano saxophone. The weak point was Mick Rogers's vocals.

In early 1979 AVIATOR released their first record named "Aviator" on Harvest/Electrola, coproduced by the band and Robin Lumley from BRAND-X. All tracks were cosigned by the band. The tracks are all different ranging from straightforward Rock to Jazz-Rock and Pop. They went then on a European Tour as a support act for Steve HILLAGE and in the summer of 1979 they did some festivals and venues in Germany, where they did also a public broadcast for the famous WDR radio in Cologne. The tape of the show proves what an excellent live band they had been. On stage they showed their talent, especially in the longer instrumental passages. After the tour Jack Lancaster left the band. The remaining trio recorded their second and last record "Turbulence", released in 1980, with the help of Vivienne McAuliffe, Carol Stocker and Betsy Cook on background vocals. Again all tracks but one, a Dylan cover "get your rocks off", were cosigned by the band. It is still a good record, more straightforward Rock, but less interesting without the sound of Lancaster's sax-playing. All four musicians played together again on Lancaster's 1981 Solo Record "Skinningrove Bay". The first record "Aviator" is highly recommended. Progarchives.

Hard de primeira qualidade. Vale a pena!

Aviator - 1979

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Ainda estou assimilando esta banda meio progressiva americana e bem desconhecida. Confesso que não eu conhecia ou acho que vi apenas uma vez em vinil há muito tempo atrás, não lembro.
Strongbow - 1975 - By Robots For Ronnie

Bloontz - Repost

Sonzeira. Hard rock de qualidade.

Bloontz - 1973

Trettioåriga Kriget

Uma peróla

Elden av år - 2004


Progressivo norueguês de qualidade. Muito bom!

One - 1976


Vardorger - 1977


O nome já diz tudo: folk norueguês. Gostei do som dos caras. Quem gosta de Steeleye Span vai gostar.

Folque - 1974

Rosetta Stone

Banda britânica dos anos 70.

Rock Pictures - 1978

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Outra peróla escandinava, dessa vez um hard prog da Noruega. Vale muito a pena!

Hardt Mot Hardt- 1976

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Popol Ace

Em 1975 a banda norueguesa progressiva Popol Vuh mudou o nome para Popol Ace, não confundir com a banda Krautrock Popol Vuh (mesmo nome). Este é o primeiro disco dessa nova fase. Discaço!
Stolen From Time - 1976

Trettioåriga Kriget

Glorious War - 2004

Trettioåriga Kriget

Mot Alla Odds - 1979

Hansson & Karlsson

Hansson & Karlsson

O primeiro disco da dupla. Por favor, não percam!
Monument - 1967

Bo Hansson

Attic Thoughts - 1975

Bo Hansson

Indispensável para qualquer colecionador de perólas progressivas e fusion de qualidade. Um clássico absoluto dos anos 70 para os apreciadores mais iniciados. Maravilhoso!

Magicians Hat - 1973

Trettioåriga Kriget

Trettioåriga Kriget - 1974

Hansson & Karlsson

Clássico de Bo Hansson e Katte Karlsson. Imperdível!

In 1966, Swedish keyboardist BO HANSSON, known especially for his album based on JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", formed a partnership with drummer JANNE KARLSSON. The latter had been introduced to HANSSON by his former Merrymen bandmate Bill Öhrström, who had become an A&R man and producer at Polydor Sweden. The two musicians immediately hit it off, and were signed by Polydor.

HANSSON & KARLSSON released three albums of uptempo, Hammond organ-based music between 1967 and 1969. They became immensely popular in their home country and Europe, and even reached the ear of JIMI HENDRIX, who took time out from his 1967 tour to jam with the duo at the Klub Filips in Stockholm. Hendrix went on to record the HANSSON song, "Tax Free". The end came in 1969, when KARLSSON became a successful comedian and TV host, and HANSSON decided to break up the partnership and embark on his solo career. ProgArchives.

Man At The Moon - 1969


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Hard rock que um amigo me mandou. Alguém sabe mais sobre esta banda?

Child - ?

Ax Genrich - Repost

Psychedelic Guitar - 1994

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Trettioåriga Kriget

Legendary Swedish heavy-progressive who released 6 albums between 1974 and 1992 (plus a retrospective in 1996) and who plan to release a new album in fall 2003. However, the only addition to the normal guitar, bass and drums instrumentation is some mellotron here and there. It´s musical excellence with plenty of extended gratuitous guitar jams and very intricate lyrics. I´d like to recommend this band to everyone but since the lyrics are in swedish and such a big part of the music perhaps some might not understand it. In several ways, TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET ("The 30-year War" in English) can be compare to ANGLAGARD and LANDBERK to sense their influence.

The first, self-titled is in many ways like RUSH circa 1980. "Krigssang" is an album that fans of 70's rock in general will enjoy, and not just progressive rock listeners. In sum, this is one of the defining Scandinavian prog albums. The first two albums are only for the completist and necessary for any serious exploration of the region. The later albums are considerably better. ProgArchives

Krigssang - 1976

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Culpeper's Orchard

Outra peróla sueca

Culpeper's Orchard - 1971

Mr. Brown

A Swedish prog classic, originally released in '77, for the first time on CD. Symphonic prog in the same school as FOCUS and Swedish legends KAIPA and with a singer that's been compared with bigshots like Justin Hayward, Roger Waters and Bob Dylan. This album contains lyrics both in swedish and english and the melodies are often built around mellotrons, piano and hammond. The atmospheric lush instrumental passages combined with the strong melodies truly makes MR. BROWN - "Mellan tre ögon" a milestone in progressive music history. First time on CD with band history out now!! CD baby.
Uma peróla rara sueca!
Mellan Tre Ögon - 1977