quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2009


Probably the best psychedelic band that ever came from Greece. With members coming from Greece, USA and Canada and with a british female vocalist, "There was a time…" is here to blow your mind away!!! The band begun in 1970 as STONE DEEP and is responsible for the production of the rarest greek private single nowadays. Followed by many line-up changes, MORKA presented 2 more singles for Greek POLYDOR in 1972 and the next year they made their 7-track magnus-opus demo. This album contains all their 3 singles plus the 7 tracks of the unreleased back in 1973 demo. All the elements that make an album to be a treasure for the psychoheads are present. Excellent male-female vocals (all but one sung in english), lots of harmonies and melodies, tons of fuzzy guitars and bombastic drum breaks. The late 60's american psychedelic and the early 70's british acid-folk influences are obvious in this album but MORKA play their own music. Prog Not Frog

Morka - 1972

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