terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Rainbow Generation

Rainbow Generator is the name of Australia's first true experimental electronic music group. Consisting of David Labuschagne (nee Mow) who is colloquially known as Mojo, and Rob Greaves who is known as Ras, the group has had had many other musicians contribute to their music but they were and remain the foundation members.

David's musical background was very rich. Born in Zambia in 1948, he was exposed at a very early age to the black culture, particularly the music. Encouraged to undertake playing piano, he desperately wanted to learn Jazz but was forced to learn classical. By the time he arrived in Australia in the early 1960's he had taught himself guitar and played an acoustic guitar. An aficionado of players such as Django Reinhardt and Les Paul, it wasn't until he heard Jimi Hendrix in the mid sixties that he became completely taken by the electric guitar.

Imperdível. Sensacional. Maravilhoso!!

Dance Of The Spheres - 1977

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