quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009


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Rochacrimson disse...

À mt tempo que venho em busca da discografia desta banda!

Vicente Adeodato disse...

Grande Rocha, sua visita constante e os elogios são alguns dos motivos pelo qual perco um tempo (prazeroso é claro) pesquisando, baixando, ouvindo,compactando e postando muitas dessas preciosidades.

Valeu vc meu irmão!

Anônimo disse...

no se puede encontrar el link para bajarlo, saludos muy buena musica

alice in wonderland disse...

oi vicente
ja tentei baixar 7 vezes o disco unnepnap do skorpio mas o download nunca completa
sera q vc nao poderia disponibilizar em outro servidor? é o unico q me falta...


Vicente Adeodato disse...

Vou repostar


Anônimo disse...

Syrius - Ne sírjatok lányok! - (film-cut) 1970

Syrius - Ne sírjatok lányok! - (film-cut) 1970 - dir. Mészáros Márta - Szép lányok, ne sírjatok! 1970 Syrius - Baronits Zsolt (s) "Jackie" Orszáczky Miklós (b,voc) Pataki László (org) Ráduly Mihály (wood) Veszelinov András (dr) http://www.artpool.hu/muzik/magkex.html http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrius Syrius - S/T (Spin, 1971) LP Syrius were a Hungarian jazz-rock group, and their other material was released in Europe. But perhaps because their bassist, Jackie Orszaczky, moved to Australia, they also recorded and released this self-titled album here in Australia. Released on the collectible Spin label, and housed in a plain silver card sleeve with a clear slip that has all the credits and writing printed on it, its a pretty impressive product. The sound is a beat-diggers fest of drum breaks, interesting isolated instrumentation and funky rhythms throughout. It also has vocals that are cool at times, but can get a little annoying. Still, theyre sparse enough for even the most sensitive ear! Titles like Psychomania and Concerto for a 3 stringed violin (and 5 mugs of beer) should give you an idea of the playfulness and creativity contained herein. A great and very rare record. video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9Eve4weuzE